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aftercare work phrase | Fah hair extensions

As you know, hair extensions are not cheap… and if they are, there is probably a reason for that--Like, poor quality!


If you're spending all this money, you definitely want them to last! Which is why it's important to care for the hair extensions properly.


How well you take care of your extensions will directly impact how well they will look and how long they will last.


With a little extra daily care and slight modification on how you do things, really can go a long way. Not much needs to be added to your regular hair routine.


The most important factor in extending the life of your extensions is simply keeping on top of your regular maintenance cycles to avoid any tangling, matting and therefore damage to your both natural hair and your extensions.


MYTH: Pushing back your Push-Up schedule does not give you more time and wearability with your hair extensions, in fact, it's quite the opposite.


Do your hair and your wallet a favor and book yourself in for your Push-Up when it's time and you'll enjoy your hair the way it was intended!

While human hair extensions can seriously transform your look and allow you to change and try out new hairstyles and colors without undermining the texture, length, color and overall condition of your natural hair, it's important to keep in mind that hair extensions no matter what grade of hair you're being advised of is the absolute highest of quality, "extensions are all hair strands that, while they may be soft to the touch and glisten like diamonds when the sun hits them, they are all strands of hair that are no longer attached to your head and roots.  It is therefore, essentially no longer live, living hair."  It goes without saying then, that all hair extensions have been processed in some way to some great extent. 

Our hair is Premium European 100% Human that we confidently stand behind as hair that can easily last you for some time (up to a year or longer--with some of our clients who've maintained theirs for up to 3 years even!)  But while we have dedicated endless hours of research with real True Tried and Tested results that we stand proudly behind, it's extremely important to remember that the lifespan of your hair extensions are half part on your Professional Stylist providing you with top quality hair and expert installation, with the other half on you--the consumer to consistently upkeep, maintain and care for your extensions to ensure the life and enjoyment of them as they were intended.


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN EXACTLY?: It means understanding that as the hair has already undergone rigorous Manufacturing processing procedures prior to being bound and batched for consumer ready-to-go-use, you will want to limit how much and how often you expose your extensions to further processing down the road after you leave the salon.

So while your human hair extensions can be dyed and colored, heat styled; curled, straightened, teased and more, its important to note that every time that you do apply color to them, for example, the process of which continues to dry them out and therefore potentially affect the texture and overall appearance of them over time versus someone who doesn't necessarily try to alter them in any way.


As always, a good rule of thumb is to perform a strand test or consult your professional stylist prior to taking any immediate action.  It is with this in mind, that we wish to advise that we do not offer the option to color and dye our extensions in-house and we wish to emphasize that any alterations of the extensions at any given time either before or after your extensions have been installed will be assumed at your own risk.  

If ever you are unsure or uncertain of something relating to your hair or aftercare even after your initial installation, we kindly encourage that you please reach out to us directly prior making any sole adjustments.  

We want you to love you hair for years to come!

aftercare by Fah hair extensions
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