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This is a Professional Keratin Bond and Tape-In Extensions Remover that gently breaks down keratin bonds, as well as double-sided tape-in adhesives, so that you may safely and easily remove extensions without causing any damage to the natural  hair.  



Net. Wt. 4 fl oz/119 ml


Excluding GST/HST |

For Professional Use Only:  Apply a few drops onto 8 to 10 bonds and/or tapes at the same time and work your way into releasing the adhesive and/or keratin bond with professional hair extension pincher to quickly loosen and remove the bonds. 

Be sure to carefully comb out any residual residues on the natural hair.

Then finish by thoroughly shampooing the hair after removal to ensure there is no residual residue remaining.  

PRO-TIP:  For Best Results, use a Professional Clarifying Shampoo


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